Lake Aloha, July 15

Day 74

Start – Echo Chalet, Mile 1092, 3pm

End – Lake Aloha, Mile 1099, 6pm

Miles – 7.

Got up early and walked into Nevada to find a place to watch the World Cup Final. Ended up at a 24 hour sports bar with a surprising number of both French and Croatian fans. So the place was pretty rowdy considering that the score was pretty high for a high level match like this.

South Lake Tahoe strikes me as the Gatlinburg of the PCT.

After the game I debated taking a bus to Reno to try on shoes at REI, but decided to wait and see how my new insoles do, and if need be I can always take the train from Truckee which should only be about three days away.

The challenge then was getting back to the trail. After packing I got out of the hostel at noon, and had been told by the woman who drove me into town that I should make it back to the other side of town before trying to get a ride. So I hopped in the bus and took it all the way across town and then started calling every number on the trail angel list but none of them answered or told me they couldn’t do it.

Since it was getting late and I was desperate, I finally broke down and caught a Lyft at 2:30. Expensive but it worked and I got back to the Echo Chalet at 3. The walk along Echo lakes was interesting because there are a lot of rental cabins that are only accessible by boat, although I found a few that were right next to the trail and very tempting.

There is also a water taxi across Echo Lake for folks who want to explore the far side but don’t walk to hike the whole way. I made it about 7 miles to another lake, Aloha, which is nice and fairly warm and populated by a bunch of tiny islands. This is a popular overnight or day hike destination and it’s completely obvious why. Tons of camp sites right along the waters edge with great views and a lake warm enough in which to swim.

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