Dicks Pass, July 16

Day 75

Start – Lake Aloha, Mile 1099, 7am

End – Richardson Lake, Mile 1119, 6:20pm

Miles – 20

Left Aloha at 7am and hiked past a couple smaller lakes, Heather and Susie, before meeting an older guy named Paws from Cape Cod out hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail for a few weeks. (Similar to the John Muir Trail, the TRT and Pct overlap for a while, in this case about 50 miles along the southwest part of the lake).

Paws makes stickers with his name, Facebook, and YouTube channel on them so he gave me one- I’ll have to look into that when I get back.

After meeting Paws I had to go up and over Dicks pass, which gave great views all the way back to where I camped last night. At the top of Dicks Pass I ran into some hikers making snow cones with electrolyte water flavor enhancers, and they offered me one so I took a break and had a non-adult snow cone. I’ve had more snow cones this week than probably the last 20 years.

After that I was just trying to get some better miles in today. I passed a couple more small lakes and actually exited the Desolation Wilderness in the mid afternoon. Ended the day at a place called Richardson Lake, which wasn’t as impressive as Aloha but still nice. Plus it’s always good to camp near water.

Tomorrow I should end up around Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley- the trail runs right through both ski areas. Haven’t been to either in a long time- probably just as long as it’s been since my last snow cone actually.

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