Alpine Meadows, July 17

Day 76

Start – Richardson Lake, Mile 1119, 7am

End – Mile 1137, 6pm

Miles – 18

I left Richardson Lake hoping to get past a couple steep climbs and position myself to make it into Donner Ski Ranch tomorrow. I was also hoping to get some nice views of Tahoe today as those climbs bring you up along ridges that overlook the lake itself.

After the mornings hike I stopped to rest at a trail head called Barker Pass, where I met some hikers from South Korea and Taiwan. Most of them started in March so they are really taking their time, and for most it’s their first time in America. Fun way to spend it.

After that I made it to the top of the first ridge but was disappointed to see that smoke from what I’m assuming is the fire near Tahoe obscured the view. So now really great views of the lake at all today.

(The Lake is down there somewhere)

The next ridge brought me to the top of Alpine Meadows where we used to go skiing when I was a kid and I haven’t been there probably since Christmas 1997. They seem to be doing ok without my business but it was interesting to be up at the top of some of the lifts in the middle of summer. Tomorrow will bring me back to Squaw Valley when I go over Granite Chief.

After Squaw is Donner Ski Ranch where I hear they have good burgers, so hopefully I’ll make it that far tomorrow.

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