South Lake Tahoe, June 14

Day 72

Start – Showers Lake, Mile 1082, 7am

End – Echo Lake Chalet, Mile 1092, 12pm

Miles – 10

Today went about as expected. Got up and said goodbye to the family I met yesterday and then set out to make the last 10 miles to South Lake Tahoe. Fairly gentle hike without many other hikers at first.

Getting closer to Tahoe I got a lot more day hikers, some with dogs. I also got a pretty nice view of the Lake before dropping down to where highway 50 crosses the trail.

Highway 50 is probably the busiest highway that we haven’t had a way to cross avoiding traffic. Just wait for your chance and run. Culture shock came when I made it over the last ridge and dropped into a full parking lot at Echo Lake. Tahoe is always busy in the summer, but this week more so because of a big celebrity golf tournament.

Initially I called a trail angel for a ride into town, but while waiting another woman drove up and offered me a ride so I was able to cancel on the first guy which was good because Echo Lake is quite a ways from town.

My ride took me and one other hiker to the post office whew I picked up a shipment of new shoe insoles. I’m hoping these improve things for my feet until I can get new shoes. After that we took the city bus over to stateline where I had a bed booked at a hostel.

I’ve never stayed in a hostel and can’t say I’m a fan. Although I think in some of the smaller towns it might have been a different experience. For the most part people are nice, but I’m a bit old for this kind of scene.

Got my resupply done but the outfitter here didn’t have good shoes for PCT hikers. So I’m out of luck on that front for now. Spent a while waiting to do my laundry at the one communal washing machine and then headed out at 9pm to grab dinner. The city was really busy with folks in town for the golf tournament, which also means the restaurants are full and the prices are more inflated than usual.

I’ll be glad to be back on the trail with the peace and quiet of the woods. Next stop is the desolation wilderness and Lake Aloha.

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