July 13

Day 72

Start – Mile 1063, 6:30am

End – Showers Lake, Mile 1082, 5pm

Miles – 19

Today I felt like I got back into the PCT community. Started alone and had a beautiful hike in the morning up something called the Elephants Back near Blue Lakes. It was hot but overcast so the morning hike was much more comfortable than the day before.

Not long after I ran into two older guys, Captain and I’m forgetting the other guys name, who offered me an adult snow cone. To make an adult snow cone is pretty easy. Collect snow and form a snow ball. Then pour Fireball cinnamon whiskey over it and eat.

As we were enjoying our snow cones another hiker walked by and the Captain offered her one as well but she turned him down. Soon I finished mine and headed out and didn’t get far before I ran into a southbound hiker who gave me a bag of chips.

I had heard that the ranger station at Carson pass had drinks for hikers so my plan was to make it there for lunch around 1 pm. The hike to get there however was steep, rocky, and without cloud cover so I was sweating buckets. My new pack isn’t ventilated in the back so I now get even sweatier than before. Also the flowers are gorgeous but I’m feeling my allergies pretty strong. That’s all to say I was a sweaty, snotty mess by the time I crested the ridge and stopped down into Carson pass.

But the rumors were true. I got to the ranger station and they rolled out the red carpet. Drinks and snacks and even a box of toiletries in case you needed anything. I sat down and talked with a guy from New York for a few minutes before he headed out.

Soon after I was joined by the hiker who turned down the adult snow cone, Double Down, and later the Captain and his partner. We were all enjoying the hospitality and I was enjoying letting my feet rest when a couple hikers that I recognized from way back showed up including a guy from Israel who I met on my second day out here back in San Diego.

So it was fun to see that not everyone I know is long gone. The group even mentioned a couple other people I know who are up in Tahoe now, so I may bump into them this weekend.

I ended up staying at the ranger station far longer than I intended, but the extended break was good for my feet. After that I decided to head to Showers Lake, which was another 5 and a half miles. From there it’s about 9 yo get yo Tahoe, so I should get there by mid day.

When I pulled into camp I found Double Down already set up so I set up near her on the shore of Showers Lake. The water was surprisingly warm I learned when I finally had the chance to wash my feet.

After dinner I was looking around the area and got invited to join a campfire by a couple and their young son who was on his first backpacking overnight trip. They were from Manteca and I talked to them for about an hour while they fed me cherries.

I think the dad, Steve, was happy to have someone to come join them because they had been at the campground since 2pm and their son was a little bored. So I was the evenings entertainment, which was fine with me. They were fun to talk to and most importantly they had a dog.

So all in all a pretty good day despite the constant foot pain. Tomorrow I’ll address that in town. I’m staying at a hostel for the first time in my life because a celebrity golf tournament has all the hotels raising their rates. Better be Justin Timberlake.

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