Seavey Pass, June 26

Day 66

Start – Benson Lake, Mile 973, 6:30 am

End – Falls Creek, Mile 987, 5pm

Miles – 14

I got up and over Seavey Pass, the second to last within Yosemite, without much fuss this morning. It was slightly more defined than Island Pass was, but similar in that it had a more gentle rise amid a series of small lakes and ponds.

After that today was a day of creek crossings. Four supposedly large ones, but in keeping with the experience this year, the water level was lower than usual for all of them.

I started with Kerrick creek, which was probably the most dangerous, but it had a well placed log that let me get over without getting my feet wet.

After that were creeks in Stubblefield and Tilden Canyons. Stubblefield was wide and gentle and would have made a good place to go swimming or wading. Tilden was pretty minor actually and I hopped across on rocks.

The last one was Falls Creek, and this one was nearly as wide as evolution creek a while back. Again pretty shallow, not over my knees. That meant the water wasn’t frigid either so another good place to wade. This time I did as it’s been another hot day so I poured water all over my head.

Falls creek was only 14 miles or so from where I started but I’m camping here because there doesn’t appear to be good camping ahead unless I want to do another 10 miles tonight and go over Dorothy Lakes Pass today, which I do not.

Dorothy lakes is the northern boarder of Yosemite and it’s a very gentle climb up to the Pass so it shouldn’t be a problem. Tomorrow I’ll do that and then push on to the base of Sonora Pass, or just a bit up the rise. That should position me to have about 8 miles left to finish off Sonora Pass the next day.

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