June 24

Day 64

Start – Tuolumne Meadows, Mile 943 6:30 am

End – Mile 958, 5:10 pm

Miles – 15

Heading out from Tuolumne I did the classic move of assuming I knew where the trail picked up and ended up walking 30 minutes in the wrong direction before realizing it. So my mileage today was impacted by that before I even really started.

It was an incredibly hot day and I feel like I should be going faster than I am. After going over a bunch of mountain passes my legs should carry me up modest inclines better than they do but part of that is the fact that my bag is weighed down by food today.

I also ran into my second ranger today. I talked to her for a while about how they operate since Yosemite is the only place I’ve seen any. Turns out they have two specific PCT rangers who divide up the trail into northern and southern sections and they can go out for up to 9 days doing checks on hikers and campsites.

The guy I met yesterday apparently is more of a floater who operates on multiple trails. Then they also have backcountry guys who don’t operate on trails necessarily.

The rangers just ask for your permit and check to make sure you have a bear can. Neither has made me take mine out, they just knock on the side to feel it. Pretty painless.

I only went 15 miles today for a couple reasons. Still trying to savor Yosemite plus my tired feet and I ended at the top of a tough climb so I figured I’d just call it quits.

Now I’m just sitting in my tent listening to my camp mates talk about how terrible the rangers are, brag about telling them off, smoke cigars, and talk about their diarrhea. So not my favorite camp mates to say the least.

Most of the folks I’ve met have been pretty interesting and overall good folks.

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