Devils Postpile, June 21

Day 61

Start – Reds Meadow, Mile 906

End – 1000 Island Lake, Mile 923, 7:15pm

Miles – approx. 17

After camping at the Reds Meadow Campground with some folks that I’ve met a few times including two girls, Roadrumner and Autopilot and a guy from Belgium named Sander, who I think is actually named Sander, I got breakfast at the little cafe before heading out to explore the Postpile.

My miles today are approximate because I too am alternate trail to go through the Monument, which connected back up with the PCT after, and I think covered about the same distance as I would have had I stayed on trail.

The Monument is tiny. This is one you can do in half an hour. There’s basically one trail that leads you around and over one rock formation of hexagonal basalt columns. The trail is probably 1 mile round trip from the parking lot. But it is an interesting rock formation so I’m glad I did it. And I got my passport page stamped.

After that the rest of the day was slow and plodding. There are two passes to go over before I enter Yosemite: Island and Donohue. Island is named for nearby thousand island lake and the two passes are within about 5 miles of each other.

I was hoping to get over Island today and then tackle Donohue tomorrow, but my progress on tired legs was pretty slow. By about 3 pm I had only gone around 11 miles so I instead just made for the lake in the hopes of knocking them both out tomorrow.

The trail wasn’t very scenic for much of the day until I got up over Agnews Meadow. From there I had a great view across to the opposite ridgeline, including some lakes and waterfalls on the other side.

Once I got to thousand island lake I found a small campsite overlooking the lake, and since it’s summer solstice, it didn’t matter that I arrived at camp an hour later than usual because I had plenty of daylight. The sunset over the lake was pretty nice, with the sky turning pink and blue around 8:30.

From here I’m only a mile and a half from the first Pass, so I should be over them and into the park by midday.

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