Tehachapi Pt. 2 May 29

Day 38

Miles – 0

Given how sore my feet and legs have been and the fact that the late snow has a ton of folks waiting to enter the Sierra at Kennedy Meadows I decided to stay and rest a day in Tehachapi. Since I got my resupply done early I only had to do my laundry and mail home a box of yet more stuff that I’m offloading to get my pack weight down.

This time the equipment review was initiated by Little Bites, who was much more ruthless in evaluating my equipment and convinced me that I needed to focus on things that I need rather than things that are nice to have. Mainly that’s because in the Sierra I’m going to have to add a Bear can, ice axe, and micro spikes, so my weight is going to go right back up when I get there.

Either way it’s probably good to lose some of that stuff for this next section. I’m going to try to carry enough food to get to Kennedy Meadows without stopping at Lake Isabella.

Aside from that it was all just eating and putting my feet up. Back on the trail tomorrow.

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