Tehachapi. May 28

Day 37

Start – Mile 558

End – Tehachapi Mile 566

Miles – 8

Today was a short day just to get into Tehachapi to do my resupply and rest. I’ve been noticing that my legs are more tired lately, with fatigue setting in by mid morning rather than late in the afternoon. So I am considering staying for a full day in town.

The morning started with my third visit from Coppertone. I was the only one there so I talked to him for a while before crossing the second stretch of the windmill farm.

The rolling hills that I remember in this area held up which made the morning hike really enjoyable. I passed a small ranch nestled among the hills with roaming cows.

Made it over the ridge and dropped down to Tehachapi pass and highway 58. I found the number for a trail angel that offers rides to town back where I camped the night before so I called them as I was approaching the overpass and a nice guy came and picked me and a couple other hikers up and drive us into town.

My first stop was Albertsons to get my resupply out of the way. I ran into a bunch of folks I know so they offered me a spot in their hotel room so I’m going to do that tonight and then figure out what I’m doing after that. It feels good to be off my feet for now.

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