May 24

Day 33

Start – Green Valley Mile 478 9:00 am

End – Mile 493 5:00 pm

Miles – 15

Since I got to bed so late and did a pretty long day yesterday I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I delayed it quite a bit and finally got going around 8. Since I was still in town and off the trail, I started to walk the 2 miles through town to get back to the PCT. Luckily a passing truck driver took pity on me and let me jump in the back of his pickup to take me the rest of the way. So I didn’t actually start hiking until 9.

A lot of folks were staying at Casa De Luna to take a zero, but I didn’t want to spend all day in the driveway and I’ve been trying to make consistent miles to prepare for the real Sierra, which is now less than two weeks away. Thank goodness because I need a change of scenery. The desert is beautiful but I feel like I’ve been going over the same mountain for a week. I’m ready for the Sierra to start but first I have to cross the Mojave and Tehachapi.

Because I was still so tired I wasn’t planning on today being a long day. I was only planning on going about 15 miles which would position me to take advantage of an offer from a friend of my moms who lives near mile 511 to host me for a night in a bed and my third shower in a week. I’m starting to get spoiled with all these chances to clean myself.

Luckily I had enough of a cell signal to email her so we could arrange to meet up at he end of the day tomorrow. I still have 18 miles to go to get to where she lives, and I have a new blister on the bottom of my left foot that I’m hoping goes away tonight.

So even though it was kind of early, I pitched my tent at 5 in a wooded area and sat down to get off my feet and to pop my blister. There are reports of a bear in the area so I’m trying a bear hang for the first time. Unfortunately I don’t keep my food in a hangable bag, so I put all my food and garbage in my pack and just hung that. It’s pretty heavy so hopefully the branch doesn’t snap.

It’s nice to be camping in the woods again after the past couple nights. The only noise are birds and the wind, and hopefully it stays that way and I don’t hear peep from that bear.

Tomorrow I’ll get up early to get my 18 miles in since I assume I’ll still be moving slow with my feet and how tired I am. I’m also still trying to figure out my approach to crossing the Mojave the next day.

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