Pacifico Mtn. Wilderness May 20

Day 29

Start – Camp Glenwood Mile 400 6:30 am

End – Mile 421 7:00 pm

Miles – 21

Started at 6:30 with plans to hike about 2.5 miles to where the trail once again crosses highway 2. This is the last spot where the trail and the highway dovetail so that’s where Alex and I decided to meet. There’s a little restaurant a couple miles down the highway from this point, and they are apparently accommodating to hikers so my dirty clothes and offensive stink shouldn’t be unexpected.

We got there at 8:15 am and found they were setting up for a biker convention. Probably the same one that happens every weekend, but they had booths outside with biker clothes, and a country band setting up for a gig starting at 9am. It was great to see Al and catch up, and a full meal was a bonus. Al even brought be some Dunkin Donuts as a bonus that I packed out on the trail.

After that I was playing catch-up. Still wanted to get in a respectable mile total for the day and get to water. This section of the San Gabriels is lower elevation and more desert landscape similar to some of the San Diego ranges so it’s pretty dry and with minimal tree coverage. Since I had a big breakfast I skipped lunch and just smacked on the trail.

I was aiming for the Mill Creek fire station at mile 418 where I heard there was water and good camping. When I arrived around 4:45 I found the water, but the camping was s parking lot and the fire station blared announcements to itself every few minutes. I was pretty tired but that wasn’t appealing and it wasn’t too late in the day so I decided to take advantage of the water to have dinner, the diva full water resupply before heading out to find a camping spot about three miles further. The next reliable water is nearly 26 miles, so I didn’t want to be down any to start the day tomorrow.

At 6pm I headed out to find a spot that was supposed to be up a ridge about 2.5 miles, but I couldn’t find anything at the indicated spot so I went a bit further to come across an abandoned road at the crest of a ridge. It’s flat, but really windy. I probably should have stayed at the fire station but this isn’t the worst place I’ve camped. Plus I already got over s big up hill climb that I would have had to start the day with tomorrow otherwise.

Going to try to make it to Acton tomorrow where I should be able to do laundry and get a shower. Everyone says I’m living the dream but the dream apparently makes you filthy and stinky.

Best part of the day was finally getting a signal and being able to call home briefly.

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