Its mah burfday. May 19

Day 28

Start – Little Jimmy Campground Mile 384 7:15 am

End – Camp Glenwood Mile 400 6:00 pm

Miles – 16

Got up a bit late and on the trail by 7:15. Fairly easy morning compared with the last few. I went about three miles and then crossed Highway 2 again before starting up the side of Mt. Williamson. The views back into the valley below were fantastic and make me really want to come back to do the drive along Highway 2 at some point.

Stopped for a break at the junction with the Mt. Williamson peak trail, and decided to take the time to walk up to the summit even though this one isn’t as high as some of the others around. The views seem great in this area and so I wanted to check them out from the top.

Great views down into the Angeles National Forest and the desert valley to the north. I also found a red can with a trail log in it going back to 2016, so I signed it and noted that I climbed the peak on my birthday.

After that I got back on track but was forced to take a detour around part of the trail that was closed for endangered species habitat. This ended up taking a huge chunk out of the day as I had to walk along Highway 2 for more than 2 miles, then wind through a huge campground to find another trail to take me back to the PCT. so while I went 16 PCT miles today, I actually walked a lot more in order to get that far.

This area is really popular with day hikers from LA, and since it’s a Saturday, there were tons of people around. Bikers cruising the highway, hiker groups, families, and trail runner groups. I was actually stopped by a hiker group and offered a free Gatorade (yes, I took it) and then peppered with questions like a celebrity simply for being a through hiker. I was a rock star to those people!

It was odd being around so many day hikers because everything I’ve come to view as normal was thrown into question. I stopped while still in the detour when I got to a creek crossing and decided to refill my water. One of the other things you regularly do at streams is rinse some clothes- usually your spare socks, and in this case I wanted to rinse my spare undies. But I had a moments hesitation to think about how odd it would be as a day hiker to come across some filthy guy washing his drawers in the river.

After that I was found a hiker from Australia named Luke that I met a few weeks ago and we hiked the last 5 miles to a camp called the Glenwood Dads camp- it’s a place dad’s bring their sons, but they also accommodate PCT hikers. After dinner I treated myself to a slice of carrot bread that I packed out from Wrightwood for my birthday.

My biggest frustration aside from the long detour today is that I had no cell service all day. So no ability to talk to my family and for the first time in 17 years I didn’t even get to talk to Tracy on my birthday. I know doing this hike was my idea, but that made today lonelier than I expected it to feel.

The milestone today was right before camping I reached mile 400. So that was the positive.

54 miles to Aqua Dulce – my next resupply point.

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