(un) Happy Feet

Well I probably should have stayed in Mt. Laguna for a day to rest. I keep thinking I’m falling further and further behind schedule and then I talk to other folks and they are taking it way easier in the first couple days.

Anyway I decided to push on and see how far my feet would take me. It’s actually not as simple as just plopping your tent down when you get tired or sore though, as most spots along the trail are too steep and covered with brush so you really have to find a known spot.

I made it all the way to the Sunrise Trailhead campground in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which was about 17 miles from Mt Laguna – so my longest day to date. But the cost of that was two big blisters on the toes of my left foot and a big one on my left heel.

So now I’m still at least three days from my resupply at Warner Springs and I’m not sure how far my feet will actually take me. I decided after talking with some folks to keep going to Scissors Crossing and then head into Julian for an unscheduled stop to rest my feet.

I figured it would take two days of limping along but I pushed through and made it to Scissors in one day- another 17 miles on pretty trashed feet. Again strange things come to mind on the trail and I couldn’t shake the image of the end of Hot Shots when Charlie Sheen’s character is flying back to the carrier after the big mission and his plane is falling apart. Luckily John Cryer’s Washout is talking him in on the radar as his wings fall off. (Btw I totally just got that they worked together on Hot Shots before they did that TV show together.)

I tried to insert the Gif of that scene but can’t figure that part out. Of well.

After making it to Scissors I met up with Tim from Nova Scotia, who actually started the trail with me back on the 22nd. We are both hurting so we decided to hitch into Julian together and get a hotel room for the night to clean up and treat our injuries. As luck would have it the first vehicle that passed us stopped and Thayer and Carrie agreed to drive us into town in the back of their box truck.

This is Tim. He actually as a worse blister on his heel than I do, which I didn’t think was possible.

The real treat was finding Carmen’s in Julian. Carmen only opens her restaurant to hikers during the week, and she gives out free food and lets hikers sleep on her floor. She’s actually selling the place so we arrived just before her last weekend so we got there in the middle of her going away party. She only required that we give her a hug and tell her our names and then she fed us and gave us beer. I stayed around for an hour comparing experiences with everyone else and realized that I’m not doing too bad. Several folks started days before I did and have been resting in Julian and Mt Laguna before that.

Tim and I split a room for the night which actually took some getting used to after four nights in the ground. Tim’s planning on pressing on after taking it easy today but I’m going to stay an extra night to give my feet a break. On Saturday I’ll hitch back to Scissors and start the two – three day trek to Warner Springs.

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