Mt. Laguna

The past two days were a pretty hard slog from Lake Moreno to Mt. Laguna. The views have started to improve the higher I go though.

Fun fact about hiking in Southern California. There are a lot of helicopters between the border patrol and the military in the area. Sometimes military helicopters crash. One crashed on the PCT in 2009 and there are still unexplored ordinance in the area.

Also I successfully forded my first creek. Which wasn’t as impressive as I had built up in my mind.

Mileage isn’t as easy to come by as I planned. Only 15 miles each the first two days and then 12 today but by the time I got to Laguna around 2pm I knew I was going to rest up the rest of the day. Since this is my first trail town, I got my first experience at a hiker restaurant.

This place basically only caters to hikers and is great. The trick is knowing that they close at 3pm. Luckily I got there at 2 and was able to get a real meal and the biggest brownie ever.

They put oatmeal in the brownie so I couldn’t have walked further if I wanted to.

Camping in Laguna is restricted to established campgrounds so I put in with some other campers and was able to get a shower and rinse my clothes in a sink, which feels like a luxury.

Staring to get into an area that actually feels like a forest, though technically I’ve been in one this whole time. But at least now there are pine trees and it’s supposed to get a little easier for a couple days.

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