Thus begins my descent into madness

Got started yesterday at about 10:30am. Tracy dropped me off at the trail head where about four other groups were getting ready to leave – most of the hikers headed out earlier. My plan was to make it to Lake Morena which is about 20 miles up the trail and at first that seemed plausible as my early miles were quick.

I stopped for lunch around mile 5 and then quickly encountered the first “crest” on the Pacific Crest Trail, which slowed me down a lot. After that I started encountering other groups taking breaks from the heat at the climb, and spent the afternoon leapfrogging them whenever one or the other of us would stop to rest.

I was surprised that boredom wasn’t really an issue- even after 8 hours or hiking. But your mind goes to weird places to fill the space – old song lyrics, memories from years ago, replaying all of the bad decisions that Llewelyn Miss makes in No Country For Old Men that ended up getting him and his wife killed (among others).

In the end my feet and back started to give out around mile 12, but there weren’t any good camping spots so I pushed on to Hauser Creek which is at mile 15. No water in the creek but good camping spots. I was so tired I fell asleep by 8pm. Going to have to pace myself better until I get used to this.

Here I was thinking I wouldn’t have to ascend this mountain in the background. That was the first thing I did on Day 2.

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