Its The Final Countdown

This weekend marks the two week countdown until I set out for what should be a 4-5 month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. I had hoped to be further along in my planning and preparation than it turns out I am, which I suppose I should have anticipated when I pushed my end date at work so close to D-Day, but there is so much to take care of on that side alone that I haven’t been able to focus exclusively on resupply planning and figuring the last of my gear questions, and so now I’m under the gun.

One of the things that I haven’t had a chance to focus on yet is my reading list.  My plan has been to try to match my reading selections with the landscape through which I’m trekking, so something set in the California desert to start, for example.  I’m soliciting suggestions, and will keep a running reading list for each region as I get it put together.  Just based on a simple survey, here’s where its starting:

Southern California Desert
1. Desert Solitaire & The Monkeywrench Gang, by Ed Abbey (thanks Jenn)

1.  Dharma Bums, by Kerouac.


1. Desolation Angles, by Kerouac. 

That’s obviously not going to cover me the whole way, so I have a lot of gaps to fill.  Suggestions welcome. 





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